Pick up and drop off of the vehicle

Procedure and instructions on the Pick up and Drop off of the rented motorhome.

How can I find camping grounds and equipped areas for water procurement and discharge?

The Blurent rental centre provides you with a guide in which you can find a list of camping grounds and equipped areas where you can find wells for waste water discharge and water/elecrical procurement.

What happens if I am late for returning my motorhome?

It is mandatory to inform the rental centre and an additional penalty cost will be charged. If you wish to extend your trip and the rental period you will have to ask for permission to the Blurent rental centre 2 days before the deadline of the rental. In case you do not receive permission by the rental centre it is mandatory to return the vehicle by the fixed date.

What happens if I return a dirty vehicle and I forgot to discharge the tanks?

The customer will be charged the cost of the final cleaning of the motorhome, the amount varies from centre to centre.

Is it possible to lie down the beds inside the housing unit of the motorhome while running?

No, it is mandatory to remain seated on the seats with the safety belts fastened.

Is it possible to return the vehicle outside the Blurent rental centre’s working time or during holidays?

In case you have specific needs regarding drop off time, it is possible to arrange it with the rental centre directly. The service includes additional cost.

Is it possible to pick up the motorhome in a different place from the rental centre deposit?

You can arrange with the Blurent rental centre to do the pick up and the drop off of the motorhome in a specific place, such as train stations or airports. The service includes an additional cost.

Can I return the motorhome in a different place from where I picked it up?

Yes, the One Way rental allows to do the drop off in a different site from where you started with an additional cost. The feasibility of this kind of rental and its additional cost have to be set by the Blurent rental centre.

Can I leave my car parked at the Blurent rental centre deposit?

Yes, it is possible to park the car at the Blurent rental centre deposit without any additional cost.

Can I park wherever I want or do I have to go to the camping ground?

It is permitted to stay in the appropriate parking and rest areas without using stabilizers or wedges, but camping (opening windows and awnings, using stabilizers, arranging open air tables and chairs...) is permitted only in the appropriate camping grounds and equipped areas.