Pick up and drop off

Blurent offers a flexible service for the pick-up and drop off of the motorhome customizable to the needs of every client!

The Blurent rental stations

It is possible to choose from a wide range of locations spread all over the national and European territory the most convenient place for the pick-up and drop off of the motorhome depending on your specific needs. The Blurent deposits are the standard pick-up and drop off places and the service does not involve any other extra cost.

Airports, ports and stations

For those clients who have other kind of needs and do not want to give up the best comfort there is the opportunity to pick-up and drop off the motorhome directly at the airports, ports or stations of the main cities and touristic hubs which can be reached by the Blurent rental centers. The service involves a little surcharge that can vary according to the distance separating the rental centers from the chosen airport, port or station. The price and the feasibility of the service can also be subject to the logistic of the transport. In some case it is possible for the client to ask for the one-way airport service so the price is half the amount for the round trip. This service may also be executed by employing a shuttle bus transferring the clients to the motorhome deposits for easier logistic.

One – way service

The client can also choose to pick up and drop off the motorhome in two different places and this is called the One-Way service. This tarif allows clients to get the motorhome and deliver it in two different locations within the same country. In this case a surcharge is applied to the total rental cost and it depends on the distance between the rental station and the pick-up/drop off location. The One-way rental is always subject to the approval of the rental center and can be allowed only for rentals longer than 10 days.

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