Rental terms and conditions

General terms and conditions for online bookings which are an integral part of the rental agreement you will stipultae with Blurent.

What does week-beginning rental mean?

The week-beginning rental means pick up of the vehicle has to be done on Monday and drop off on Thursday, with 15% discount throughout low and medium season.

What does week-end rental mean?

The week-end rental means pick up of the vehicle has to be done on Friday afternoon at 4 pm. and drop off on Monday morning at 10 am. A special tariff is envisaged for this type of rental.

Is smoking allowed inside the motorhome?

No, smoking inside the motorhome is not permitted.

Can disabled people rent Blucamp vehicles?

Yes, the Blucmap fleet also includes a model free of architectural barriers with enlarged front door for wheelchair access, electric elevator to enter the housing unit, internal habitability designed for the wheelchair and fully accessible bathroom.

Can the motorhome be driven only by the holder of the rental contract?

Crew members can drive if they are more than 21 years old and less than 75 years old, if they have had their driving license for at least 2 years and must provide the rental centre with copy of their license when signing the rental agreement.

In which countries is it possible to go with the motorhome?

It is possible to circulate in all European countries which are reported on the green card. If you wish to go to other countries you must receive authorization from the Blurent rental centre and from the insurance company.

As for the homologated seats, are children equivalent to an adult person?

The number of crew members must be inferior or equal to the homologated seats number reported on the vehicle registration certificate, regardless of the member's age. For what concerns children and their car seats the same rules as for transport by car are valid.

Which kind of driving license is required to drive a motorhome? and what is the minimum/maximum age allowed for the rental?

The ordinary Cat. B. driving license is sufficient to rent Blucamp vehicles. The motorhome can be driven by a person who is more than 21 years old, less than 75 years old and who has had the driving license for at least 2 years.

Which documents are requested for the rental?

The documents requested for the rental are the following: driving license, fiscal code, last electric or telephone bill and credit card. It is also necessary to provide a list of the crew members with their relevant data and the destination of the trip.

Is it possible to bring animals?

The transport of medium and small animals is subject to the Blurent rental centre permission which will evaluate every single case and situation.