Features and information about the motorhomes

All features and information concerning the motorhomes rented bly Blurent (standard equipment, accessories and optional kits…).

How does a motorhome work?

When making the reservation the Blurent centre provides a dvd presentation of the vehicle (which has to be returned to the rental centre) showing the correct use of the Blucamp vehicle's equipment and accessories. Upon departure a Blurent offcial will sum up and explain all precautions for a correct use of the vehicle.

Is it possible to rent a motorhome during the winter season?

Of course, all Blucamp vehicles are equipped with heating system and thermoventilation spreading out warm air inside the housing unit.

Are the vehicles diesel-powered?

Yes, all Blucamp vehicles are diesel-powered.

Does the motorhome have air-conditioning?

All Blucamp vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning in the cabin and forced ventilation system in the housing unit.

Is the motorhome equipped with dishes, cookware and linen?

No, normally the vehicle is not equipped with dishes and linen. Anyway when making the booking reservation it is possible to ask for the kitchen kit that includes dishes, pans, cookware and a bedding kit that includes bed sheet and sleeping bag. These kits require an additional cost, you can select them when making your reservation and the cost of the selected kits will be added to the basic rental cost.

Is the motorhome clean when deliverd?

After every rental all Blucamp vehicles are cleaned up and sanitized.

What is the maximum authorized mass of the vehicle? What happens in case of overloading?

The maximum authorized mass is reported on the vehicle registration document. Overloading involves a fine and the deduction of some points from the driving license.

What is the maximum speed?

Speed limits for motorhomes are the same as for cars.

What is the electric and water range of the vehicle?

It is difficult to define the vehicle's range because it depends on the actual use by the crew members. The elecric supply, based on regular use, will last for some days if the vehicle is stationary. While running the battery recharges itself and a 150 km displacement allows the full recharge. As for the water supply, 100 litres of water are available and the duration of the load depends on the number of crew members and on the actual use.

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