Insurance and assistance

Which kind of insurance guarantees does the rental include, conditions and deductibles.

What shall I do in case of engine failure or crash?

Before the start the Blurent rental centre will provide you with telephone numbers to contact in case of emergency: roadside assistance available 24 hours a day, assistance on housing unit and mechanic provided by the Blurent rental centre. According to the contract it is mandatory to send the rental centre prompt notice of eventual damages and problems.

Is there an insurance deductible?

The insurance coverage is subject to a deductible. The amount of the deductible is set by the Blurent rental centre.

Is the guarantee deposit required?

Few days before the start of the rental, clients are required to leave a guarantee deposit of 1.500,00 euro by credit card. The amount can vary depending on the country in which the rental is made.

Are the motorhomes covered by insurance?

All Blucamp motorhomes are covered by RCA insurance (third-party motor), green card (RCA foreign extension), kasko, theft and fire included in the rental price, no extra cost required. The insurance coverage is subject to percentage excess/deductible.

In case of theft inside the vehicle, does the insurance provide for partial or total reimbursement of the stolen items?

No, the insurance does not provide for the reimbursement because it is up to the client to leave the vehicle closed in secured parking areas avoiding risky and dangerous situations in poor and seedy areas.

Does the roadside assistance intervention involve extra and additional costs?

Within the insurance policy limits there are no extra costs involved. In case of emergency it is important to immediately contact the roadside assistance's toll-free number and follow the instructions because autonomous decision could be unrecognized and not be paid by the assistance.

Are the road code violations covered by insurance?

No, road violations are not covered by insurance and have to be attributed to those who rented the motorhome.

If I have to cancel the rental, do I have to pay a penalty?

In case you cancel the rental, the following penalties are envisaged by the rental contract. Cancellation by the client- If the cancellation is made before the booking is accepted by the Blurent Center, no penalties shall be charged. The rental Center shall simply return the entire down payment received. Should the cancellation occur more than 30 days before the date scheduled for the beginning of the rental, 50% of the down payment shall be returned. Cancellations between the 30th and 10th day shall entail the loss of 50% of the total cost of the rental. For cancellations after the 10th day, loss of 80% of the total cost ofthe rental.

In which coountries is the insurance coverage valid?

The countries in which the insurance coverage is valid are those indicated on the green card.

What are the cases in which the guarantee deposit is not returned?

The guarantee deposit is kept and cashed everytime a damage is found when returning the vehicle. The deposit will then be returned to the customer net of the estimated damage and eventual percentage excess or deductibles.

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