Sky Free – tour of Italy on a motorhome


Danilo and Luca started from Genola (Cuneo) aboard a BLUCAMP SKY FREE, a vehicle specifically designed for disabled people. Their goal is to demonstrate that living (not just surviving) with disabilities is possible: everybody has the rights to travel, work, practice sport, fall in love with places and people, get to know, meet and help other people…

Thanks to this project the two guys went sailing, did some sitting-wakeboard activities with the world champion Emanuele Pagnini Meme and together with the other world champion Lorenzo Major climbed the highest Italian rock (32 metres!) facing trekking routes. Their travel has been very hard and intense but definitely exciting and unforgettable.

The objective is to bring a simple message with real testimonies showing what has already became their slogan: “disability is not an obstacle to live your life fully. It is just a different point of view!”.

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